Marquis Spa 12 Inch Flow Through Tube Style Heater, 2 Inch Plumbing. Used In 1999 Euphoria MTS, Euphoria CS, Reward MTS, Reward CS, Reward RS, Destiny CS, Destiny RS, Quest CS And Quest RS Models. Used In 1998 Reward MTS, Reward CS, Euphoria MTS, Euphoria CS, Destiny CS, Quest CS, Resort RS, Retreat RS And Mirage RS Models. Used In 1997 Reward MTS, Euphoria MTS, Quest MTS, Departure RS, Mirage RS, Voyage RS, Destiny CS, Escapade, Crossing, Resort And Retreat Models. Used In 1996 Euphoria MTS, Quest MTS, Retreat MTS, Reward MTS, Departure RS, Mirage RS, Mirage 120 Volt, Mirage 240 Volt, Mirage BS, Voyage RS, Voyage BS, Destiny 120 Volt, Destiny 240 Volt And Escapade SE Models. Used In 1995 Euphoria MTS II, Reward MTS II, Mirage MTS I, Mirage BS, Quest MTS I, Retreat MTS I, Escapade BS, Escapade SE And Voyage BS Models. Used In 1994 Crossing MTS II, Euphoria MTS II, Reward MTS II, Secret MTS II, Voyage MTS II, Mirage MTS I And Retreat MTS I Models With 600-6247 Circuit Board.  C2400-C2278-1

NOTE: Comes With A Pressure Switch Hole Plug.